Next prenatal session starts Sept 6,2014. Call 219-218-2378 for information.

About Us

YOGA on 45th is the idea of two women who love yoga.  The co-owners are Allison Haugh and Rose Oprisko. We offer you a yoga class to meet your needs in a safe and friendly environment with experienced instructors who have their own yoga practice, quality  teacher training and experience. Our studio space allows us to give more individual attention to our students.

Yoga Styles/Guidelines

If you are new to yoga, we recommend that you take a beginner class or one  marked easy. They are excellent for newbies and provide a good foundation to move into any other style or level of yoga that is suitable for your body type and disposition. Yoga is traditionally practiced in bare feet.

Yoga Classes

It is important that you choose a class that will meet your needs and level. We have a non dogmatic approach to yoga. It is always about the individual and you are the person to make those choices. We actively encourage modification of the poses and if you are unsure of how to do that, please feel free to ask.

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